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Principles of NIS

The principles of NIS are unique and are what sets this method of healthcare apart from all other ‘techniques’ or modalities.


Principle #1
NIS is based on the neurological premise that the brain (not the mind) governs all of normal and optimum body function. Neuroscience is the basis upon which all NIS protocols are based. Therefore the brain, rather than the practitioner, must be the most accurate and definitive source for evaluating and correcting complaints

Principle #2
The BRAIN makes the corrections to the patient – NOT the practitioner. Practitioners using NIS are relying on the neurological feedback from the patient’s brain, rather than “what they think might be wrong with the patient”. They are FACILITATING the resetting of the neurological circuitry so the BRAIN WILL MAKE THE CORRECTIONS.

When the BRAIN makes the corrections, any corrective changes are precise, accurate, definitive and infinitely complex – something that man is not capable of.

Principle #3
NIS does not treat ‘labeled’ complaints per se – rather it accesses and returns all body systems to their ‘optimum’ function (for that individual) so in turn any symptoms will resolve.
Body systems do not work in isolation so should never be assessed and treated that way. With NIS practitioners are able to determine the underlying neurophysiological reasons as to WHY the patient has their symptom pattern, by evaluating and correcting ALL the body systems TOGETHER.



How Does NIS Work?

Each person has an individual DNA blueprint – that each of us was born with. This blueprint decides what your individual tolerances are – and your blueprint indictates what is NORMAL FUNCTION FOR YOU. Your tolerances and what causes them to exceed are very different from person to person.  Using the NIS system your practitioner:

·evaluates all areas of the body to identify any exceeded tolerances that have been pushed into a ‘SAFETY NET’.

·determines the underlying neurophysiological reasons as to why the patient has their symptom pattern/s

·facilitates as the brain to recognize the neurological circuitry breakdown

·facilitates as the brain ‘re- sets’ the circuitry in order for all body systems to return to their optimum potential for that individual

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