Cyn Prutt

When my shoulder injury of 2 years ago was impacted I though it would just fix itself and go away. So after three months, I finally made my way back to see you and am so glad I did. In a few short sessions I went from a state of constant pain and discomfort with limited range of motion to a pain-free state.

It’s interesting to see how your skills have matured over the past two years. Whereas you were good then , your are energetically aligned and working at a very high level now.  It’s really wonderful that you’ve chosen the path of a healer.  You are gifted, non-judgemental and direct. You have a way of addressing exactly what is happening in the moment and make others feel so safe in your care.

I look Forward to seeing you as needed for tune-ups  …so expect for me to make quarterly appointments an a minimum. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love-centered care.

Many Blessings,