Fred Sarkis

In 2012 by back was hurting after every shift. In 2013 I couldn’t walk more then 10 feet without having terrible pain. In 2014 and 15 I have week long stints where I couldn’t get out of bed. 4 herniated discs, nerve compression and muscle atrophy in my left leg.

Doctors told me I needed to go under the knife, but my insurance company was fighting it. (Side note: Thank god for the ACA, or I wouldn’t have coverage at all). I won out, but was doing rehab exercise, yoga, acupuncture, massage, chiropractors, etc all to no avail.

The one thing everyone told me, don’t lift heavy. You can’t life over head, don’t do legs if you even go to the gym.

So, after nothing worked, I stopped listening and started lifting. Heavy. As heavy as I could. Dead lifts, pull downs, military press, etc. I got stronger, lost weight, and I kid you not, I could walk again. Slowly, I got most of mobility back. I still didn’t do a lot with my legs, and found other ways to work the largest muscle group in the body.

Then I met Steve Spencer, and he started working with me. His style of care honestly changed my lift and motives me to get back into the gym. I’d slacked on it, and low and behold my back started hurting again.

So, 2 years ish on now, and I just finished 3 sets of 12 at well over double my body weight (north of 500lbs). I haven’t been able to do that weight at all in maybe 8 years and never at that many reps.

Take care of yourselves, eat right, take a break every now and then from the things you know are hampering you, and move. Move whenever and as often as you can.

Strong body, strong mind.