Kathleen Kaufman

Protouch Rehab and Dr Steve Spencer brought me from dysfunctional eating to a healthy relationship with food and a change in lifestyle. I was locked to my bathroom scale forever fighting with numbers, nothing made sense. Now with the help of Protouch Rehab I can unchain myself from the scale, trust what I am learning as I develop a healthier understanding of food, how to eat and live with a much healthier lifestyle and a better perspective of how and what food does for me. While diets may help you lose some weight temporarily, lifestyle change is the key to long-term weight maintenance and health. With the help of Dr Steve Spencer, I finally found freedom from food and from my ongoing battle with my scale and dysfunctional relationship with food to the HUNGER OF WANTING MORE KNOWLEDGE of the benefits of food and a healthier me. Again with the thanks to Protouch Rehab and the expertise of Dr Steve Spencer my real journey just began. (Note: Image is my painting on my old scale)