Natalie K. Carlascio

Dr. Steve gave me my life back when I was hopeless. I managed to get myself into two unfortunate health situations. The first time, I was diagnosed with an “incurable” virus. I had 5 visits with Dr. Steve, and it has been over three years since I’ve had a single symptom.

The second time around, I couldn’t have been more miserable. I had my period for three months straight, my hormones were completely messed up, I could hardly get out bed due to exhaustion. My body felt as though it was battered. Of course, every gynecologist I’ve ever seen wants to put my on birth control and call it a day, despite my aversion it. Finally, after months of trying to heal myself naturally, I called Dr. Steve to see if he could help me. I went into his office, he took the raw data of my DNA from 23&me, matched it up against my symptoms and tested me for a few things. He found the root of the problem, gave me four supplements to take for three months, and in less than 24 hours I already felt 75% better. I am so thankful to have found him.

He knows how the human body works more than anyone I have ever met. More than just knowing how it works, he also is able to implement healing by treating the root of the problem.

Dr. Steve, I can’t thank you enough for helping me live my best life. I’m excited to keep growing and healing with your help.