Pat D.

A head trauma I received as a baby had resulted in a hearing loss.  The trauma had created a positional issue with C1/C2, although it didn’t clearly present itself until my mid-thirties.  I was active in different types of sports up until a very small push forward in a vertebra began a cascade of functional issues and intense pain.  For 15 years I consulted professionals such as, osteopaths, physical therapists, neurologists, rheumatologists, and chiropractors to name a few.  A specialized x-ray, different from traditional views, finally revealed the structural issue which was causing the subsequent spinal compensations.  Now we could see it but I was still falling between the disciplinary cracks in terms of the helpfulness of traditional treatments.  I sought help at ProTouch Rehabilitation and the pain I had experienced in so many areas of my body went away- on the first visit!  Functional difficulties corresponding with structural compensations went away as time progressed.  I can’t thank Steve and ProTouch enough for giving me my life back!!!