Trev Peterson

I herniated 3 discs in my lower back and was bed-ridden for 7 months.  I was taking very strong muscle relaxants and going to one chiropractor after another hemorrhaging money until I found Dr. Steve and Protouch Rehab.  I went from bed to being able to walk upright to being back in the gym lifting weights again and it was all because of Dr. Steve, his structural correction technique and the other tools and therapy he brought to bear on the problem.

Steve really cares about getting his patients healthy and has gone above and beyond like no other health provider I’ve heard of has.  I’ve recommended him to family and friends, most that have gone have seen quick results.  It can, however, take some time to get the results you need.  His treatments are a fix to the root cause, which in my case took several years of treatment but not everyone had a car fall on them and crush them.   I think most people are starting off better than me.  In the process of fixing my back problems the therapy also fixed my knees, shoulder and elbow issues.  I can do deep knee bends better than I could at 22.  Friends from Canada even come to Dr. Steve if their problems are severe because they know it works.  If you’re having health problems just go see him.