Why Do You Need ABC™ ?

Because people see it so often, they believe everyone’s ability to have an upright body decays with age. In some people this happens sooner and in some cases later. The remedies run from exercise, stretching and yoga, to elaborate tractioning devices used in an effort to bend and force your spine into shape. All those things, and even the special clothing devices like girdles and shoulder braces fail to give any reliable and permanent results.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ reverses structural decay and does so fast without any traction, special clothing or devices or exercise by the client. They just need to get their bodies to the ABC™ practitioner and let them do the work.

Unlike what you have been told, posture (which is the way your body appears when you are relaxed, not how it appears when you are working like heck to hold yourself upright) cannot be controlled by muscles, exercise, tractioning your body or any other thing except getting the skeletal structure corrected. Chiropractors, Osteopaths,Physical Therapists and others have not done it and cannot do it with their current methods. You are about to see an astounding change in what everyone knows about body structure, body mechanics, posture and even athletic performance. What most people need to do to have great postureis work like heck contracting muscles to keep their body upright. There is no need if you get Advanced Biostructural Correction!! The people in the pictures are standing relaxed in the before and after pics. These pics are results from the first treatment with the advanced bio structural correction protocol for structural correction. If your body does not immediately pop upright like the bodies of the people you see in this picture, you are not getting structural correction of your body. No matter what anyone, including your practitioner tells you. When moving bones results in actual CORRECTION the body pops up and stays upright all by itself with no muscular effort.

Yes, the people in the pics are relaxed in the before and after pictures you see and their bodies did pop upright all on their own. They can stand there with no muscular effort!! Their health is immediately better, their stress is reduced, and they are now completely or mostly out of pain. My promise is that you will get similar results on your body in my practice. What can ABC do for you?

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ refreshes your body and can relieve the trauma, habit, pain, stiffness and body changes that limit you. With ABC you will literally find yourself able to do those physical activities you have not been able to do in years or even decades. This is no pie in the sky statement. People daily discover that they can do things they thought were lost to them forever.

Disc Regeneration

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