Turn Tired, Down and “Not Right” Into Up, Strong and Energetic

Feeling tired, unmotivated and uninterested? Experiencing weight gain, loss of muscle mass or decreased sex drive? These may be the result of less than optimal hormone production, which plays a key role in:

With our unique, focused treatment program, you can:


While Protouch Rehab and our dedicated healthcare professionals are focused on helping you feel and look great through hormone replacement and related services, what we’re really committed to is you, your health, your well-being, how you feel, your quality of life. Because these are what are most important. In fact, this commitment is the very reason we are so specialized.

In order to do what is most appropriate and effective for you, we have dedicated ourselves to offering the right services, developing unique efficiencies offered by few (if any) other providers, and taking a truly personalized approach.

Here are some of the ways we prove that you are the reason for—and the centerpiece of—everything we do:

  • Comprehensive, holistic approach – To understand and best help you, we look at the whole picture of what’s going on with you. This means symptoms, history, concerns and goals as well as diet, exercise, sleep quality, bloodwork and hormone levels.
  • Monitoring and adjusting – To minimize risks and maximize the effectiveness of care, we continually evaluate your symptoms and blood chemistry…and we vary your treatment as needed for best results.
  • Fast, efficient and convenient – Protouch Rehab offers the convenience of moving quickly. We’ve developed the protocols and processes to be as detailed and efficient as possible so you can feel great fast!
  • Patient education – We know the best results come from informed decisions, good compliance with treatment, and awareness of the risks. You’ll always know what to expect, what to keep up with and what to watch for.
  • Real people who care – Our hearts are in this, and you’ll always know it. We listen to you carefully. We treat you with honesty, kindness and respect. And we are committed to doing what’s best—not “in general” but specifically in your best interests.

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Conditions We Treat to Help Men Feel Vigorous, Strong, and Energetic

Low T, which is a lower-than-normal level of the male hormone testosterone, can affect men in a variety of ways. It can also have a number of potential causes, including:

If you’re over 30, your testosterone level may be in decline.

Really, age is the most common reason for Low T. That’s because most men begin to experience a decline in testosterone, albeit a gradual one, after age 30. Generally, testosterone levels peak during adolescence or early adulthood, and it’s pretty much all downhill from there. The older you become, the lower your T levels, and it’s faster for some men than for others.

Problems and conditions caused by Low T

Whatever the reason or reasons behind it, Low T can cause or contribute to a number of conditions that disrupt men’s lives and can affect their productivity, relationships and sense of worth or self-identity. These include:


At Pro Touch Rehab, we treat Low T with hormone replacement therapy…and we do it differently. We tailor the treatment and dose to each man’s individual needs—as informed by lab tests. We also differ from the typical hormone treatment protocol by testing continually and varying the dose as your T levels rise and fall, because they do. By continually, actively monitoring patients and adjusting treatment, we minimize the risks…and help most men achieve a marked, positive change and a reinvigorated life and sense of self.

Conditions We Treat to Help Women Feel Young, Vibrant, and Energetic

Menopause is, at its simplest, the cessation of women’s menstrual cycles. It is a medical diagnosis characterized by 12 months or more without having a period. When the natural cycle of menstruation ends, estrogen levels fall off precipitously, causing a variety of uncomfortable symptoms.

These symptoms are conditions that affect women’s lives in a variety of ways and can have negative effects on their quality of life.

Problems caused by the hormone deficiency and imbalance resulting from menopause:

Protouch Rehab treats menopause symptoms…with a safety-minded approach.

At Protouch Rehab, we specialize in hormone replacement therapy, and we’ve developed a uniquely individualized approach. We tailor treatment to the needs of each woman based on her symptoms, medical history, medical exam and blood tests.

In particular, we monitor hormone levels on a continual basis and vary the dosing of treatment to minimize the risks and side effects associated with hormone therapy. Among other factors, we watch for thickening of the blood, which increases side effects and the risk potential, and we take action to avoid it.

Let us help you feel—and look—GREAT!

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