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Dr. Stephen Spencer is one of the only Holistic Naturopathic Physicians in the area who focuses on the person spiritually, emotionally, structurally, and biochemically. His aim is on restoring optimal balance and health through means of improving structure, diet, sleep, hormones, digestion, detoxification, emotional health, and exercise performance.

A primary focus of his practice is a specialized structural correction that works consistently and predictably on his patients. ProTouch Rehabilitation has been in business since 2005, was featured in the Chicago Tribune, and operates on the philosophy of healing naturally without the need for synthetic prescription drugs to restore balance to patients. His journey in health and fitness began by healing himself and now lives his passion by passing on his knowledge to help others. Dr. Spencer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, a Doctorate in Naturopathy, and has worked with some of the best Doctors, shamans, coaches, and nutritionists in the industry.

He has also worked in the health and wellness industry since 2002. With his clients’ best interests and health in mind, he trains with a professional and methodical approach that includes addressing the human spirit, which is unique in his practice. Dr. Spencer has been highly involved in weightlifting and bodybuilding since high school, is a nationally ranked bodybuilder, and has been involved with competitive bodybuilding since 2003.

His practice is located in Deerfield, Illinois and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  He also consults with patients internationally about their nutrition specifically designed for their genomic sequencing.

Dr.  Spencer is an avid traveler, he has obtained his rank of Eagle Scout through the Boy Scouts of America, and is involved in charity work to bring health to those in less fortunate countries.

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