Posture Chair


$55.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Chair Color:

The chair comes in Onyx fabric and has a 24″ wide base.

Barstool Kit:

The Barstool Kit includes 200mm extended riser, a 28″ wide base, and an 18″ foot ring.

Ergonomic Backless Chair for Pain and Tension Relief All Day Long

Stop the struggle and get your energy back as our ergonomic backless chair erases stress! This gently angled seat pan eases tight muscles in your back, shoulders, and neck allowing you to sit straight effortlessly.

This ergonomic office chair is the best posture chair for computer work. It allows virtually everyone perfect back posture.

Studies show that when your back muscles don’t have to pull to bring you straight it’s more energy-efficient for your body, and your breathing immediately gets easier. People report less headaches and back pain from not having their neck bent over so much. You have more energy. Tension decreases dramatically, along with the pain and struggles that zap your energy and, all in all, ruin your day.

Testing our ergonomic desk stool is part of our commitment to excellence. This video demonstrates that 200,000 impacts of at least 125 lbs. centered on the same spot didn’t elicit any damage. The support structures remained intact and the foam didn’t show any wear.

The weight capacity of the chair is 250 lbs. Exceeding the weight limit will void the warranty and could be dangerous.