Clip On Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Optimize Sleep

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Feel More Relaxed

The original science-backed clip on lenses for achieving deep and uninterrupted sleep. Eliminating 100% of blue and green light between 400-550nm boosting evening melatonin production and regulating your circadian rhythm. Attach to your regular glasses and wear 2-3 hours before bed for improved sleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next morning.



Clip onto your regular glasses with ease and comfort. Scientifically engineered to block out 100% of melatonin disrupting blue and green light between 400-550nm for improved sleep and regulated circadian rhythms.

The product that took the wellness world by storm when we founded in 2017 is our Blue
Light Blocking lenses. Designed using a cutting-edge bespoke tint our Clip On Blue Light
Blocking Glasses are the original science-backed eyewear for improved sleep and regulating
circadian rhythms that simply clip onto your regular glasses.

Easy To Use

Our clip on lens easily fits on to almost any regular glasses frames. These amazing Blue Light Blocking Clip On Lenses feel lightweight on your existing eye glasses for the ultimate comfort experience.

Improved Sleep Quality

Studies have shown that blocking blue and green light between 400-550nm enhances melatonin production, aligns circadian rhythm, and improves sleep. By wearing our Clip On Blue Light Blocking Glasses in the evening, you can experience a better night’s sleep from the first use.

Increased Energy

By effectively blocking 100% of blue and green light, our glasses help you wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. Aligning your body clock through the use of these glasses can lead to improved sleep quality and a rejuvenated start to your day.

The Look

Purposeful, versatile, functional and all about practicality.

Frame Fit

Fits almost any frame.


Lightweight and sturdy for comfort and durability.

The Science

Attaching seamlessly and easily onto your existing glasses


Advanced Blue Light Blocking Technology

Adjustable Clip Mechanism


Streamlined Minimalistic Design


Enjoy better sleep and wake up with more energy

Fits most eye glasses frames

Comfortable for extended periods

Designed to not interfere with your field of vision 

Ergonomic Design


Advanced Technology

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: 100% of blue and green light blocked between 400nm-550nm

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