Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses


Reduce Migraines

Boost Mood

Improve Light Sensitivity

Designed to provide relief and comfort for individuals who are sensitive to bright light or suffer from Photophobia. Crafted with precision and advanced light filtering technology, these clip on glasses offer a practical solution to help you navigate daily activities with ease and confidence.



Scientifically engineered to block out intense blue light between 400-455nm to ease symptoms of light sensitivity during the day.

Our Clip On Light Sensitivity Glasses are equipped with specialized lenses that effectively filter and reduce the intensity of light, particularly in environments with excessive brightness.

Easy To Use

Our clip on lens easily fits on to almost any regular glasses frames. These amazing Light Sensitivity Clip On Lenses feel lightweight on your existing eye glasses for the ultimate comfort experience.

Lab-tested for optimal protection

Studies have shown that intense blue light between 400-455m can worsen symptoms of Photophobia. Our Light Sensitivity Glasses have been scientifically tested to block 100% of light within this range, providing you with the perfect weapon to combat light sensitivity.

Prioritize visual clarity

Our Light Sensitivity Glasses not only offer relief but also prioritize your visual clarity. Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by bright lights and embrace a more enjoyable and relaxed experience with enhanced visual comfort.

The Look

Purposeful, versatile, functional and all about practicality.

Frame Fit

Fits almost any frame.


Lightweight and sturdy for comfort and durability.

The Science

Attaching seamlessly and easily onto your existing glasses


Advanced Blue Light Blocking Technology

Adjustable Clip Mechanism


Streamlined Minimalistic Design


Reduce symptoms of light sensitivity

Fits most eye glasses frames

Comfortable for extended periods

Designed to not interfere with your field of vision 

Ergonomic Design


Advanced Technology

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: Blocks 100% of blue light from 400nm – 455nm

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