EMF Radiation Blocking Laptop Mat


Blocks EMF Radiation

Heat Shielding Technology

Ergonomic Design

The ultimate solution for reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation while using your laptop. Designed with advanced EMF shielding technology, our laptop mat provides a protective barrier that shields your lap from potentially harmful radiation and heat, allowing you to work with confidence and peace of mind.



Create a safer work environment by blocking EMF radiation up to 20GHz.

Our EMF Radiation Blocking Laptop Mats reduce RF, heat and ELF radiation with ultimate comfort and sleek ergonomic design. The Laptop Mat blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation up to 20GHz. This includes WIFI, Bluetooth and cellular network radiation (3G, 4G and 5G).

Say goodbye to the concerns surrounding the potential negative effects of EMF radiation emitted by your laptop. Our EMF Radiation Blocking Laptop Mat utilizes a unique blend of materials that effectively blocks electromagnetic radiation, reducing your exposure.

Experience the convenience and versatility of our laptop mat. Available in 2 sizes, it’s lightweight, portable, and designed to fit most laptop sizes.

Place the mat under your laptop, and let it work its magic in creating a protective barrier between your lap and EMF radiation emitted from your laptop.

Not only does our laptop mat block EMF radiation, but it also acts as a heat shield, dissipating excess heat generated by your laptop.

Ultimate EMF Radiation Protection When Using Your Laptop

EMF Radiation Shielding Range

Our cutting edge EMF radiation protection material safely shields you and your loved ones from ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation. This bespoke shielding material has been independently laboratory tested to block EMF radiation found in electronic devices in and outside your home.


The Science

Multi layered design with advanced EMF blocking and heat shielding technology for the ultimate peace of mind.


Advanced EMF Shielding Technology

Sturdy Design

Premium Vegan Leather

2 Sizes Available


Blocks 99% of EMF radiation up to 20GHz

Solid, flat surface to rest your laptop

Waterproof and easy to wipe down

Will fit almost any laptop

Lightweight Design

Non-Slip Surface

Premium Craftsmanship

Additional information

Product Size

20cm (8 in) x 30cm (11.8 in)


Vegan Leather, Faraday Fabric, Anti-Radiation Foil

Max Laptop Size

13 inches * BASED ON A 2020 MacBook Air




190g (6.7 oz)

Radiation Blocked

99% between 0.1Hz to 20GHz (including WIFI, Bluetooth and Cellular Radiation (3G, 4G and 5G)


Laptop not included




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