EMF Radiation Blocking Underwear – Male


Blocks EMF Radiation

Anti-Microbial Fabric

Soft Comfortable Fit

A revolutionary solution designed to protect and shield sensitive areas of the body from electromagnetic radiation emitted from digital devices and cellular networks. Crafted with advanced EMF-blocking technology and premium materials, this underwear offers comfort, support and peace of mind in todays digitally connected world.



Specifically engineered to minimize exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices, whilst ensuring comfort and durability.

The innovative shielding fabric used in the construction creates a protective barrier, effectively blocking and reducing the penetration of electromagnetic radiation, ensuring the well-being of sensitive areas.

Made from high-quality, soft and comfortable materials, this underwear provides a barrier between your body and the electromagnetic fields that are emitted by electronic devices such as phones, laptops and Wi-Fi routers.

The inner lining of the underwear is made from a special fabric that contains silver fibres, which have been shown to be effective in blocking up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation up to 26GHz (31dB-52dB) which includes WIFI, 5G radiation, cellular networks and Bluetooth.

The silver lining is also antimicrobial, adding an extra benefit to this already amazing product.

Not only is this underwear functional and effective it has been designed to fit and feel great. We have the perfect fit for everyone from small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Key Benefits

Just some of the incredible benefits you can experience wearing our

BON CHARGE EMF Radiation Blocking Underwear

EMF Radiation Shielding

Protecting your sensitive areas


Keeping you feeling fresh


Ultimate hygiene

Super Soft Material

For ultimate comfort

Heat Regulating

For all-day wear

Discreet Shielding Material

Confidence whilst you wear


Advanced EMF Shielding Technology

100% silver coated EMF shielding fabric infused with EMF reflective technology for optimal protection.

The Science

Fashion and comfort meet optimal EMF radiation protection with our

EMF Radiation Blocking Underwear


Advanced EMF Blocking Technology

Comfortable and Supportive Fit

Discreet and Stylish Design

Easy Care and Maintenance


Reduces exposure to electromagnetic radiation

Maximum comfort and freedom of movement

Prioritize your wellbeing without sacrificing fashion

Hassle-free upkeep

Machine Washable

Antibacterial Breathable Fabric

Heat Regulating Technology

Additional information


53% cotton, 42% silver fiber, 5% nylon

EMF Radiation Blocking

Up to 99% shielded up to 26GHz (31dB-52dB)

Type of Radiation Blocked

ELF, RF, WIFI, Bluetooth, Cellular, 4G and 5G radiation


Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large. See size guide for more details






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