Theo Computer Glasses Readers


Beat Digital Eye Strain

Feel Refreshed After Screen Use

Boost Productivity

Our Kid's Computer Glasses are scientifically designed to optimize your child's visual comfort and protect their eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. By filtering down blue light across the entire blue spectrum, these glasses provide optimal protection from high energy visible light from digital devices and overhead lighting, during the day.



Scientifically engineered to filter intense blue light to ease symptoms of digital eye strain.

Are you tired of experiencing eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort after spending long hours in front of your computer screen? Our Computer Glasses are specifically designed to optimize your visual comfort and protect your eyes from the harmful effects of prolonged screen time.

Advanced Protection for Digital Eye Strain Relief

Our Kid’s Computer Glasses incorporate advanced blue light filtering technology, effectively shielding their eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by digital screens. By reducing blue light exposure, these glasses alleviate digital eye strain, prevent dry eyes, and mitigate the risk of long-term eye damage associated with prolonged screen use.

Crystal Clear Vision with Reduced Glare

Equipped with high-quality optics lab made lenses, our Kid’s Computer Glasses provide crystal clear vision while minimizing the glare commonly experienced with computer screens. This enables your children to work on their school work, browse, and engage in digital activities with improved visual clarity and heightened focus.

For Professionals, Students, and Gamers Alike

Our Kid’s Computer Glasses are not limited to spending extensive hours in front of screens at school. They are also ideal for use at home and hobbies that involve the use of screens or artificial light sources. Prioritize the well-being of your child’s eyes and invest in our Kid’s Computer Glasses to ensure their optimal visual well-being.

The Look

Trendy, cool and stylish, Theo reflects self-confidence.

Frame Fit

Kids – 4-11 years – For more help with sizing please see size guide.


Lightweight handcrafted acetate frame for ultimate comfort.

The Science

The ultimate science-backed, optics lab made Computer Glasses to beat digital eye strain


Advanced Blue Light Filtering Technology

Registered Medical Devices

Optics Lab Made

Comfortable Fit and Lightweight Design


Less digital eye strain, headaches and fatigue

FDA and ARTG registered

Quality assured in every pair

Provides a comfortable fit for extended wear

Optics Lab Made


Advanced Technology

Available in non-prescription, prescription and reading magnification

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: Filters 30% of blue light from 400nm – 495nm

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