Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Prescription (Grey)


Optimize Circadian Rhythm

100% UV Blocking

Lab Grade Anti-Glare

Introducing our revolutionary Biohacked Sunglasses, a cutting-edge eyewear solution designed to optimize your visual experience while providing unmatched protection. These sunglasses are not just your ordinary shades; they are meticulously engineered to enhance your well-being and protect your eyes without disrupting your circadian rhythm.



Scientifically engineered to regulate the power of the sun without disrupting your circadian rhythm.

Experience the future of eyewear with our Biohacked Sunglasses. By allowing beneficial red light through whilst minimizing blue light-induced glare and providing 100% UV protection, these sunglasses help optimize your visual comfort without disrupting your circadian rhythm. Embrace the transformative benefits and optimized well-being with our Biohacked Sunglasses.

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: All beneficial red lights allowed through. Blue light filtered by 80%

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