EMF Radiation Free Air Tube Earphones


RF Radiation Free

Interchangeable Earbuds

Comfortable Design

Introducing our ground-breaking EMF Radiation Free Air Tubes - the ultimate solution for protecting yourself from electromagnetic radiation. Removing 100% of RF radiation our Air Tubes utilize innovative acoustic technology to provide a safer alternative to traditional wired or wireless earphones, ensuring your well-being and peace of mind.



Listen to your favorite music without the issue of RF radiation.

Our Air Tubes utilize air-filled acoustic chambers, which act as a barrier between the audio source and your ears. This design effectively eliminates any direct contact with potentially harmful EMF radiation, providing a safe and worry-free listening experience.

Designed with comfort in mind, our Air Tubes include a choice of three lightweight and ergonomic earbuds that fit snugly in your ears. The flexible and tangle-free cords ensure a hassle-free experience.

With its universal compatibility, our Air Tubes work seamlessly with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. 

Key Benefits

Just some of the incredible benefits you can experience using BON CHARGE Air Tubes

Quality Stereo Sound

Ultimate listening experience

RF Radiation Blocking

Peace of mind on the go

Air-Filled Hollow Tubes

Advanced EMF shielding

Interchangeable Ear Tips

For the perfect fit

Durable, Tangle-Free Cord

Hassle-free experience

Silicone Sports Hooks

Ensuring in-ear stability

Your EMF Radiation Free Listening Experience

 The Science

Advanced RF to acoustic transfer technology for a safe listening experience


Hollow Air Tubes

3 x Sizes of Silicone Ear Tips

Quality Stereo Sound

Sports Hooks


Acoustic signal that removes RF radiation

Achieve the perfect fit and ultimate comfort

Enjoy your music with great sound

Secure fastening for workouts or on-the-go

RF to Acoustic Technology

Interchangeable Ear Buds

Precision Engineered

Additional information

Product Size

142cm (56 inches)


Plastic, Copper and Nylon


123g (0.81 oz)


Auxiliary (Apple Lightning to 3.5mm adaptor required for iPhone and Samsung USB-C adaptor required for Samsung smart phones)

Ear Bud Sizes

Small, Medium, Large




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