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8th Generation featuring 7-band R+|NIR+ Advanced Spectral Output

Class II Medical


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Which light do I Choose?

The biggest difference between each PlatinumLED red light therapy product and multi-light setups is the amount of LEDs used on each panel. As you increase the size of your lights or build your own multi-light setup, you increase coverage, performance and results. The BIOMAX R+| NIR+ spectrum will cover every single one of your individual desired application due to the multiple wavelengths of light used. All models of BIOMAX lights are used to treat all desired applications. The difference between the model is strictly size, output strength and coverage area. The size/model of light or setup you choose is entirely up to you, your budget and desired performance level.

The PlatinumLED difference:

For 13+ years, PlatinumLED has been the pioneer and leader of ultra-high power red/NIR therapy lights while delivering a superior solution that is relied upon by more medical professionals and home users worldwide than any other company.

Higher Strength + Advanced Spectrum =Superior Results

Unmatched Therapy:

No other red/NIR light device available provides the multi-wave R+| NIR+ spectral output, harnessing seven different red and near infrared wavelengths of lights for next level therapy.



Our lights emit the highest amount of irradiance output than any other LED therapy light available. This means faster, better results through deeper penetration and increased power.



Our exclusive patent-pending R+|NIR+ multi-wave spectral output delivers the most advanced red light therapy available: Harnessing seven different red and infrared wavelengths of light for truly next level therapy for all applications.



All BIOMAX lights are official FDA Class II Medical Devices and manufactured in our FDA registered facility as well as ETL/UL, CE and ROHS certified for electrical safety assurance. We stand firm with our 3 year warranty on all products.

Table of specifications

What’s in the box:


With the BIOMAX series lights, the most powerful red/NIR therapy device in the market, you can go from targeted therapy to pro setups in minutes. See what’s included:

  • 1LED Therapy Light
  • 2Eye Protection
  • 3Remote Control
  • 4Patch Cable
  • 5Power Cable
  • 6Door Hook
  • 7Wrench
  • 8Hanging Bracket
  • 9Screw x6
  • 10Cable Assembly & Snap Links
  • 11Hanging Bracket 2


First, know that both our BIO and BIOMAX lights are the most powerful lights on the market today. Either choice will deliver maximum therapeutic benefit that far exceeds anything else available.

The BIO series lights are our original, proven design that deliver maximum intensity in a simple to use, economical package. All BIO lights feature simple on/off power switches for ease of use and make a great starting point for LED light therapy. All BIO lights are available in 3 different configurations: All red/660nm, all NIR/850nm or a 50/50 combination of both red/NIR. Thus, you’re able to choose the configuration that is most specific to your therapy goals.

The BIOMAX series lights are our newest and most advanced series of lights that have been developed for users that want even further increased power and advanced spectrum for improved benefit plus the ability to connect multiple panels together to make any custom size panel possible in addition to fully digital controls with built in timer. Also, all BIOMAX lights are compatible with our tabletop stands and wheeled rack stands. BIOMAX models come in only 50/50 split of our exclusive, patent pending R+ | NIR + spectral output featuring the five wavelengths of 630nm/660nm/810nm/830nm/850nm. For more information on this very special spectrum of red and near infrared, please check our complete blog post found here: R+ | NIR+.

Yes and yes! We ship worldwide and all lights auto-adapt to all voltage levels worldwide with the correct cord/plug type always included for each country.

As a general rule of thumb, we’ve found that 10-20 minutes per treatment area at a distance of around 8”-14” for deep tissue or 16″-24″ for superficial facial skin therapy on bare skin with a max of 2-3 treatment areas per day to be a great average usage guideline for basically all applications. We recommend using light therapy at least 3 to 5 times a week for optimal results. We would suggest to start slower/farther at first and then work your way up to the closer distance/longer exposure once your tolerance to the light has been found.

There is no readable EMF at 4” or further from our BIOMAX units.

No, we do not work with “pulsed” lighting as this is entirely a marketing gimmick with absolutely zero proven benefit in an LED based human therapy light. The only two factors that determine the effectiveness of a light are the power of the output and the spectrum that it is emitting. That’s it. That’s what creates a therapy light and this is what we deliver in superiority to all other lights.

First, optional eye protection is included with all lights for our customers that wish to use it. However, this is optional and not required for use. Contrary to many misconceptions and misinformation out there, there is no exact type/frequency of light emitted from our lights that is specifically more or less dangerous that any other type/frequency. What can be harmful to eyes is the intensity of a light.. not the actually type of light that its emitting. For this reason, we ask to please never look directly into the panels due to this intensity. You would take the same precautions with our lights as you would with any other very intense light by not looking directly into them. Many users either close their eyes or look to the sides of the lights while in use.

All BIOMAX lights feature the unique ability to independently digitally control the output intensity of the R+ (red) array and the NIR+ (NIR) array by dimming them from 0% – 100%. The R+ array contains the 630nm and 660nm wavelengths while the NIR+ contains the 810nm, 830nm, 850nm and 1060nm wavelengths. The blue/480nm LEDs are separately controlled on their own and they can be deactivated if you wish without affecting the rest of the LEDs.

Very first and foremost, we need to state that from a scientific basis, there is ZERO need to ever control an individual wavelength within a red or NIR group. Zero. The newer concept of some lights with this ability is purely a useless marketing gimmick that has no real world benefit or scientific basis whatsoever. This is because individual wavelengths within a group do not accomplish a particular effect while another close to it does not, but rather all of the frequencies work together in a synergistic manner to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. The entire concept of red/NIR light therapy is to emit a spectral output that adheres as closely to the body’s own rate of spectral absorption or what is know as the “coefficient of spectral absorption”. This is why our ratio of frequencies/LEDs used is a very precise science and is one that only PlatinumLED has understood and mastered for many years as the pioneers and leaders of the industry. This is one part of the secret to the amazing results that only our lights achieve!


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