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Optimize Sleep

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Feel More Relaxed

The original science-backed eyewear for improving your child's sleep. Eliminating 100% of blue and green light between 400-550nm, boosting evening melatonin production and regulating their circadian rhythm. Kids can wear these glasses 2-3 hours before bed for improved sleep.



Scientifically engineered to block out 100% of melatonin disrupting blue and green light between 400-550nm for improved sleep and regulated circadian rhythms.

The product that took the wellness world by storm when we founded in 2017 are our Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Designed and manufactured in our optical laboratory using a cutting edge bespoke tint, our Blue Light Blocking Glasses are the original science-backed eyewear for improved sleep and regulating circadian rhythms.

Versatile and Stylish

Our kid’s collection offers a variety of styles to suit every child. Apart from promoting better sleep, these glasses are also beneficial for evening screen use and after school activities. Join the growing number of children who have experienced improved sleep and better concentration with their own pair of Kid’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Improved Sleep Quality

Studies have shown that blocking blue and green light between 400-550nm enhances melatonin production, aligns circadian rhythm and improves sleep. By wearing our Blue Light Blocking Glasses in the evening, your children can experience a better night’s sleep from the first use.

Increased Concentration

By effectively blocking 100% of blue and green light, our glasses may help your children concentrate better. This can be great for after school activities such as homework and TV time.

The Look

Trendy, cool and stylish, Theo reflects self-confidence.

Frame Fit

Kids – 4-11 years – For more help with sizing please see size guide.


Lightweight handcrafted acetate frame for ultimate comfort.

The Science

The ultimate science-backed, optics lab made Blue Light Blocking Glasses for better sleep.


Advanced Blue Light Blocking Technology

Registered Medical Devices

Optics Lab Made

Comfortable Fit and Lightweight Design


Enjoy better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed

FDA and ARTG registered

Quality assured in every pair

Provides a comfortable fit for extended wear

Optics Lab Made


Advanced Technology

Available in non-prescription, prescription and reading magnification

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: 100% of blue and green light blocked between 400nm-550nm

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